1953 International R-160 docent

1953 International R-160

• The International R series was introduced in 1953 and replaced the L series and considered just a facelift of the L series.

• For the heavier series, R-185 and higher there was even less of a change to the looks.

• There were a few mechanical changes. Cummins and Buda Diesels were offered along with gasoline engines, 29 different engines in all for 1953.

• The 220 and 240 cu. in. Silver Diamonds engines featured rotating valves and improved carburetor, plus a ceramic fuel filter and hotter spark plugs.

• Offered on the R-150, R-160 and larger were LPG engines.

• First year for IHC Built 4×4 trucks and offered on the R-140  and the R-160 models.

• 136,938 trucks were built by IHC in 1953 with 13,912 of them built in Chatham, Ontario.

• 1954 saw 30,000 less IHC trucks built.

• 1955 the R-series 100-180 is replaced by the S series.

• The heavier trucks continued as R-series until replacement in 1972.

• The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the R-160 is 14,000 lb.

• Wheelbases offered were 130″  142″  154″  172″

• Standard Engine: Gasoline or LP Gas, International Silver Diamond 240, 240.30 cu. in. 6 cylinder, ohv; maximum brake hp., 131 at 3800 r.p.m., Maximum torque, 208.5 lb.-ft. at 2000 r.p.m.,

• Optional Engine: International Black Diamond 264, 264.33 cu. in. 6-cylinder, ohv, brake hp., 140 at 3800 r.p.m., torque, 234 lb.-ft. at 2000 r.p.m.,

• Transmission: Four speed, one reverse;

• Optional Transmission : Five-speed, direct-in-fifth or overdrive in fifth.

• Axle Reductions: 6.166 to 1; 6.666 to 1; or 7.166 to 1

• Standard Equipment: Flat-back cowl and dash; sealed-beam headlights; combination tail and stop lights; air cleaner; auxiliary rear springs; tools.

• Extra-cost Special Equipment: regular cab;  two-speed axle with electric shift;  auxiliary fuel tanks; oil filter; governor; increased capacity brakes; directional signals; power steeling.

• Regular Cab: Standard equipment: ash tray; right-side door lock; floor mat; fixed left-side rear-view mirror; safety glass windows and windshield;  left-side sun visor; dual-type right and left-side vacuum windshield wipers; and ventilating wings.

• Optional equipment: green-tinted safety glass; left-side arm rest; dome light; fresh air or recirculation type heater and defroster; optional rear-view mirror; foam-rubber seat and back cushions; individual driver’s seat; right-side sun visor; dual electric windshield wipers in lieu of vacuum.

• Finish: Frame and wheels, black. Grille, hood, cab and fenders, a variety of attractive optional colors.


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