This 1941 INTERNATIONAL KS5 Cab-Over-Engine (COE) was put into service in October 1942 and operated as a cargo vehicle in Military District 11 (British Columbia). As a general service vehicle, the truck may have transported military equipment, or perhaps army recruits training in the Lower Mainland. The vehicle was used by the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps until 1946, when Bob King purchased it during liquidation of war assets.

1943 Maple Leaf

The Museums truck was built during WWII so many it is referred to as a “Blackout style” 1942 Specifications Maple Leaf 3-Ton Models Series 1760-1770-1780 (248) Straight Rating – 15,000 Pounds Wheelbases: 135 1/4″ – 159 1/4″ – 177 1/4″ Available as: Basic Chassis Models: 1760, 1770, 1780 Chassis and Flat Faced Cowl: 1761, 1771, 1781 Chassis and Windshield Cowl: 1762, 1772,1782 Chassis and Cab: 1763, 1773, 1783


“FARGO” was the trade name given to DODGE Trucks sold in Canada and other foreign markets. Purchased new by Bob King for Sea-Van Motor Freight in 1946, this FARGO hauled freight between Vancouver and Seattle until 1953 when it was put into storage at the West Pender warehouse. The tractor remained in storage until 1974, when it was donated as part of the King Collection.

1947 Diamond T 201S

Donated by Allen Vandekerkhove Victoria BC Diamond T produced trucks from 1905 to 1966, and originally cars from 1905 to 1911. In 1958 Daimond T was bought by White Trucks. in 1967 Diamond T was merged with REO to become the Diamond REO diviaion of White Trucks.

1947 Ford 1 ton Pickup Model 79Y 122″ wheelbase Body style 81

Donated by Bob Rorison Surrey, BC Called the “Tonner” because of it’s one ton carrying capacity. Note the tear drop rear fenders, longer truck bed and the 17 inch split rim wheels It also had the rear sliding window and the 100 Horsepower V-8 engine offered by Ford at the time.