1935 Maple Leaf – 2-ton Stake Deck


Tyler Lindberg of Waldo BC, bought the 1935 Maple Leaf truck in Fernie.  He and his wife, Ida, went on their honeymoon in this truck.

• In the 1930s Tyler got paid 1 cent for each Christmas tree.  He cut them in the bush around Waldo and delivered them to Cranbrook.

• Trucks like this sold for approx $1250 new

• Bob Nairn restored most of the cab and B.C.I.T. did all the motor and driveline.

• The Canadian Division of General Motors, la Compagnie General Motors du Canada, was founded in 1918 and recently had a annual revenue of $31.675 billion and employed 10,000 workers.

•  Here is what a print ad for the Maple Leaf said about the 1935 2 Ton model:

• 1 Improved Front End Appearance

• 2 More Powerful Special Tuck Engine

• 3 Truck-Type Hydraulic Brakes

• 4 Improvced Truck Clutch and 4 speed Transmission

• 5 Bigger and Wider Truck Bodies

• 6 Heavier Frames with Alligator-Jaw Cross Members.

• 7 Longer Wheelbases for Better Load Distribution and Greater Payload Capacity.

• 8 Improved Full-Floating Rear Axle-Rugged Auxillary Springs.