On October 23 2017, the BC Vintage Truck Museum accepted it’s latest donation, a fully restored 1957 Diamond T Model 921BN. Donated by Bruce Ledingham, he tells us his Dad ordered it from Diamond T is Chicago and looked just like this when arrive in Vancouver. Bruce restored it exactly as it was delivered and he always had a soft spot for this great truck and he even was a spare driver for the truck back in the day.

GW Ledingham & Company Limited used the Diamond T to pull a low bed to move excavators , cats and loaders that needed to be moved. The winch was on there to pull any disabled equipment onto the trailer.

Ledingham was in the underground utility business, water, sewer gas power telephone anything buried underground. In 1969. Ritchie brothers auctioned off all the equipment and Bruce remembers asking Dave Ritchie who bought the Diamond T as it was his favourite. It went to a logging contractor up the sunshine coast.


Over 15 years he dabbled at restoring it and had it at many shops starting with his son’s machine shop then at triple B’s shop in Rosedale and then after it was running it went to a truck paint shop in Port Kells.

The truck was finished in 2009 and in 2014 he drove it to Yakima for the big ATHS show.