This 1941 INTERNATIONAL KS5 Cab-Over-Engine (COE) was put into service in October 1942 and operated as a cargo vehicle in Military District 11 (British Columbia). As a general service vehicle, the truck may have transported military equipment, or perhaps army recruits training in the Lower Mainland. The vehicle was used by the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps until 1946, when Bob King purchased it during liquidation of war assets.

The truck has a 4-speed manual transmission with 2 speed rear axle, and is powered by a 6 cylinder Green Diamond engine located under the cab – hence the name “cab-over-engine”. COE’s were not particularly popular when introduced as they had a reputation for becoming uncomfortably hot and noisy.  COE’s did have some features that proved advantageous  for urban hauling.  COE’s carried as much as conventional types on a shorter wheelbase and the high-set driver seat provided exceptional visibility.

The KS5 model built from 1941 on, corrected many of the technical  problems of the earlier C and D versions introduced in 1935.


Green Diamond 6 cylinder flathead (3.81 litres)

4-speed transmission, 2 speed axle
During WWII this truck worked for the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Military District 11, British Columbia