1947 Diamond T 201S

Donated by Allen Vandekerkhove Victoria BC

Diamond T produced trucks from 1905 to 1966, and originally cars from 1905 to 1911. In 1958 Daimond T was bought by White Trucks. in 1967 Diamond T was merged with REO to become the Diamond REO diviaion of White Trucks.

Diamond Reo was bought by a private investor in 1971. In 1974, Diamond Reodespite it’s long reputation, was forced into bankruptcy due to competition and declining sales.

The Diamond T 201S was a light pickup truck produced at a time when Diamond T joined International, Mack and other “Big truck” manufacturers entering the light truck market. Production began in 1938 of this 1 ton model and continued until 1949. Production during it’s model run was 7,000 trucks.


Engine: Hercules QXLD3 236 cu. in. L head 6 cyl. gasoline95HP  3200 rpm

Transmission: Warner T9 4 speed with reverse manual transmission

Frame: X design with I beam front and 13 leaf springs rear.

Brakes Lockheed hydraulic drum.

Weight: 2750 lbs. GVWR 8,000 lbs.