1928 Graham

Donated by the Williams Family

Williams Moving and Storage was founded in 1929 by George Williams Sr. to provided a moving service for new immigrant families in the Vancouver area. The Family-owned company expanded and grew to 14 locations and became one of Western Canada’s largest moving companies. George started Williams moving with one truck, a 1928  Graham.


George’s original Graham is lost to history. Eventually regretting its loss, the Williams family sought to find another. In November, 1985 they located and then purchased this fully restored 1-1/2 ton 1928 Graham, originally bought from a dealership in Rosetown SK.


It had spent much of it’s life in a machinery shed when it was not working on the farm Herschel SK. It was restored in Saskatoon SK and was owned by Advance Moving Systems of that City.

Specifications: 26 HP cyl. gasoline

4-speed transmission

157″ WB