1929 Ford AA
Donated by Gary Jackson
Mechanical prep by Mike Breed
This 1929 Ford AA was used as a produce truck by Peters & McQuine of Victoria from 1929 into the early 1950s. It was manufactured at Ford’s Ford city plant in Walkerville. Walkerville was taken over by the city of Windsor in September 1929. The cost of the truck new was $695. The model AA was produced from 1927 to 1932
This 1929 Ford model AA was previously at the former BC transportation museum in Cloverdale

Engine: 201 cubic inch 4 cylinder Flathead 40 horsepower at 2200 horse RPM Transmission: 4 speed manual
Wheelbase: 157 ”
Wheels: Spoked wheels 1928 to 1929 Budd wheels 1930 to 1932.