Like so many trucks that have travelled endless miles over endless highway, this 1936 Model 87 INDIANA carries many memories in its cab.

Mr. Andy Craig started into the trucking business  hauling freight  with his father in the Vancouver area.  Inland Motor Freight, the independent operation Mr. Craig started in 1937, hauled freight between Vancouver and Pentiction in a 1936 INDIANA.  Still in the future were the safe, smooth roads travelers enjoy today.  Andy Craig braved roads that were frequently blocked by  snow or rockslides, and had room for only 1 vehicle to pass by.  Mr. Craig retired from the trucking industry in 1975 after working at Vancouver’s Hayes Manufacturing for many years.  He spent his retirement years restoring this replica of his original INDIANA and showing it to visitors at truck exhibitions throughout British Columbia and northwestern United States.

Andy Craig also wrote a book chronicling British Columbia’s  trucking history since 1900, gathering the recollections of fellow pioneer truckers as well as his own.  While the driving conditions they recall are nightmarish at times, the camaraderie of B.C.’s pioneer truckers brightens a demanding and often dangerous profession.  Mr. Craig and his INDIANA held the distinction of being the first commercial driver and vehicle to travel the newly completed Coquihalla Highway in 1986 – a fitting tribute to this pioneer trucker