1937 MACK:


Description 1937 MACK:

Bob King purchased this 1937 MACK EQ from Shell Oil of Vancouver in the late forties.  King used the tractor for only a short time before it was put into storage.     During the restoration process, Provincial Museum staff removed the tractor’s fifth wheel to convert the MACK into a flat deck.  The current body design is typical of coal trucks used in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Decks were often depressed along the centerline so that coal bags could be transported without tying them down.

The 6 cylinder, 90 horsepower MACK has a 5-speed transmission.


MACK trucks earned the nickname “bulldog” during World War 1, when MACK’s AC model vehicles gained a reputation for their strength and reliability in military service.  The actual bulldog mascot was designed in 1932, and has adorned every MACK vehicle since.

The MACK company turned out its 1,000,000 vehicle in 1986, celebrating over 80 years of quality production.


1937 MACK


Wheelbases:176″, 194″ 212″



Engine: 6 cylinder “L” head 353 cubic inches. 121 HP at 2200 rpm. 270 pound feet of torque. Crankshaft was case hardened with 12 counter weights and ran on 7 bearings.
Oil bath air cleaner, over 7 gallons of cooling fluid and 21 gallon fuel tank.

Transmission: 5 speed or 10 speed with constant mesh gears.

Rear Axle: Dual reduction, full floating with available gears, 5.99, 6.54 or 7.19 to 1

Brakes: Air actuated with 16″x3″ front and 17.25″ x 5″ rear and a parking brake on the rear of the transmission.

Frame: Pressed Carbon steel 9 1/16″ by 3 1/4″