1977 BC Tel Dodge B 200 3/4 ton Van

The Third-generation Dodge Van, The Ram Van “B” model was introduced part way through 1970 as a 1971 model and continued until 2003 with 2 minor facelifts. They were assembled at the Fenton, Missouri, plant at first, then A new plant in Windsor, Ontario (Pillette Road, or Plant #6) was completed to help fill demand.

 The Van was popular with Tradesmen, families and customizers as the custom Van scene was just around the corner. Available as a B 100, 1/2 ton, B 200 3/4 ton and B 300 1 ton the were refered to as the “B’ Series.

The radical new look got ride of the split window and the new more aerodynamic design cut wind noise and gas consumption.