(Donated to the Museum by Dr. Peter Heinrich)

This 1 ½ ton flat deck Chevy truck was purchase in 1935 by David Heinrich Sr. from Brett’s Chevrolet in Chilliwack.

The truck replaced horse and wagon, hauling hay from his field in Sumas Prairie to his dairy farm in Yarrow.

The truck was always sheltered, usually in the barn.

In 1968 he sold it to Hank Martens who, in turn, sold it in 1970 to Vedder Transport.

He gave Vedder the original license plates, bill-of-sale, and yearly registration papers.

Vedder Transport restored the truck, having it painted in its original colours.

In the mid 1970’s Dr. Pete Heinrich bought back his Dad’s truck.

Dr. Heinrich drove the truck in the Yarrows Days Parade every year and was awarded numerous ribbons.


26 HP 6 cyl. Gasoline 4 Speed transmission 157 “Wheelbase