1947 Diamond T 201S


Donated by Allen Vandekerkhove Victoria BC



• Diamond T were known affectionately as the “The Cadillac of Trucks”


• Founded in Chicago in 1905 as the Diamond T Motor Car Company and built high quality touring cars and later became known for it’s Trucks.


• The cars were extremely high quality and some models had up to 70 hp.


• Founder C.A. Tilt was the son of a cobbler and his father’s logo was a Letter “T” for Tilt on a Diamond shaped background


• Not only did Diamond T’s have high quality, they were styled like no other truck and often had flowing lines and rich chromed details.


• According to Diamond T founder C.A. Tilt, “A truck doesn’t have to be homely,” Diamond T built around a quarter-million trucks over a 56-year history.


• Diamond T built their first truck in 1911 at a customers request


• Cars were dropped in favour of trucks and many were built for military use in WWI.


• 1936 was Diamond T’s best year with sales well over 8,500 trucks.


• Mid way through that year, similar to REO, Mack, Federal and International who all thought they could make money in the light truck business, Diamond T built the 3/4 ton Model 80.


• The Model 80S for standard and the Model 80D for deluxe with an electric clock and jewel cigar(cigarette) lighter.


• Like some manufacturers basing trucks on cars, the new 1938 Model 201 Diamond T one-ton claimed to be unique, with all truck construction.


• Available as a pickup, panel delivery, or stake truck.


• The Model 201 had a super tough heavy-duty frame, Lockheed hydraulic brakes, extra-rigid front I-beam axle, cast-iron spoke wheels, 16″standard or 20″ optional.


• A very Beefy frame added weight, but the Diamond T brochure of the time claimed “but this additional weight is required to provide its long life and low maintenance cost. It will do its job at a lower cost per mile and per day and for a longer useful life by far than any of the lighter and less rigorously designed vehicles commonly offered in this market.”


• The Model 201  GVW was 8,000 pounds and much of that was because of the 13 steel leaves that made up the heavy-duty leaf rear springs that looked like a dump truck’s.


• Around 7,000 Diamond T Model 201’s were built until 1949 with a grille variations and some mechanical upgrades.


• The 1948 Diamond T was $1,275-for the chassis only, add a cab for $215 and a body for $165, But Ford’s new 1/2 Ton pickup was only $1,232, while their 1 ton was still $200 less than a Diamond T.