1946 CHEVROLET MAPLE LEAF Model 1760 3 Ton:

Purchased new from Vancouver’s Collier Motors over seventy years ago, this 1946 CHEVROLET MAPLE LEAF is still virtually brand new and 25 years ago showed only 77 miles on the odometer!  The unused tractor was one of two units King purchased at the time. 

In 1947 Columbia Trailer Ltd. of Vancouver installed a fifth wheel and vacuum brake kit to enable the MAPLE LEAF to pull a Columbia lowbed trailer.  The adaption’s were hardly put to use as the truck and trailer were put into storage having travelled a mere 47 miles.

Originally built in Oshawa, Ontario, the 1946 CHEVROLET MAPLE LEAF has a 6 cylinder, 92 horsepower engine and 4-speed transmission with 2 speed rear axle.

Maple Leaf was the trade name given to Canadian-built CHEVROLET trucks.