• This 1 ½ ton flat deck Chevy truck was purchase in 1935 by David Heinrich Sr. from Brett’s Chevrolet in Chilliwack.

• Donated to the Museum by Dr. Peter Heinrich

• The truck replaced horse and wagon, hauling hay from his field in Sumas Prairie to his dairy farm in Yarrow.

• The truck was always sheltered, usually in the barn.

• Acquired by Vedder Transport in 1970 they restored it to it’s original colours.

• Bought by Dr. Pete Heinrich in the mid 1970’s.

• 56,446 QD trucks were built in 1935

• For 1935 the trucks were Series Q, QA and QB models with 131-inch wheelbase, and QC and QD with 157-inch wheelbase. Outwardly, these two series looked similar.

• In 1936 a model QA with 131-inch wheelbase reached the summit of Pikes Peak  in just over 26 minutes, only 7 minutes slower than the fastest passenger car

• Offered with wheelbases of 112″, 131″, and 157″

• The Supplied Tool Kit included: 3-1/2″ Round shank Screw Driver, 6″ combination Pliers, 10 oz. Ball pein(sic) Hammer, 9″ Adjustable Auto Wrench, Open End Wrench, Spark Plug Wrench, Lubrication Gun, Oil Can and Starting Crank.

• Available rear fenders were $6 and tow hooks were $3.25.



26 HP 6 cyl. Gasoline 4 Speed transmission 157 “Wheelbase


Inline 6 Overhead Valve, 206.8 cu. in. 5.6 to 1 compression ratio.

3 Main Bearings, Crankshaft weight 69 lbs.

Carburetor: 1-1/4″ Carter Down Draft

Max brake horse power 68.5 @ 3200 rpm

Max Torque 150 Ft. Lbs. @ 1,000 to 1,400 rpm