1951 Chevrolet 3100 1/2 ton pick up formerly BC Tel.

The Advanced Design trucks were introduced by Chevrolet in June 1947 replacing the AK Series of Trucks.


• Replaced midway through 1955 production with the 1955 Series II “Task Force Series”


• This design was the first new design for General Motors after World War II.


• It is speculated that because of the constant war production wore out the dies for making the bodies and parts.


• It was the first GM vehicle with integrated headlights and horizontal grille and it was instantly recognizable on the roads.


• Bigger cab allowed three men to sit comfortably.


• Production and assembly was done at 4 plants, Van Nuys California, Saint Louis, Missouri, Pontiac, Michigan and Janesville, Wisconsin.


• Many items we take for granted today were optional, outside mirrors, heater/defroster, armrests, oil and fuel filters.


• The Bench seat was well designed with an under seat tool box and when moved forward it increased in height for shorter drivers.


• Differential ratios were 4.11 on the 1/2 ton 3600, 4.57 on the 3/4 ton 3600 and 5.14 on the one ton 3800.


• Bought new by BC Telephone company in 1951.


• Found rusting in a field outside of Nanaimo, B.C.


• The truck was restored by the BC Tel’s 10th Avenue fleet shop in Burnaby during 1991-1992.


• Restored to commemorate BC Tels 100th anniversary.


• This style of 1/2 ton pick up truck with box insert was typical of BC Tel’s standard “Installation and Repair” trucks


• During the 60’s, BC Tel switched to vans when they became available.


• Original base price of $1,40.11


• The most common colour for this truck was Forester Green.





This BC Tel unit was found rusting in a field outside of Nanaimo, B.C.

In 1991-1992 it arrived at BC Tel’s 10th Avenue fleet shop in Burnaby. It was totally restored to it’s original condition by BC Tel shop staff.

This style of vehicle (pick-up with box insert) was typical of BC Tel’s standard “Installation and Repair” trucks until the introduction of the commercial van in the early 1960’s. This 1951 Chevy Pick Up truck was restored to commemorate BC Tel’s 100 years of telephone service.

Original Price:

Base price: $1,40.11

Box insert: $ 175.00

Road ready: $1,581.11


– Thriftmaster 216 cu. in. 6 Cylinder. 92 HP @ 2400 rpm

– 16 imperial gallon (72 litre) gasoline tank

– 4 speed manual transmission

– Factory standard base colour: Forester Green, The most common colour for this series of pickups.