1932 International A-4

Introduced in 1930, International’s “A” series was considered ultra-modern for its time. Canadian-built “A” models were manufactured in Hamilton, Ontario.

Purchased for King’s Motor cartage, this 1932 International A-4 was converted from a flatdeck to a tractor in 1935 in order to haul a Hayes trailer. The 6 cylinder, 96 horsepower International has a 5-speed transmission, single-speed rear axle and vacuum assisted mechanical brakes.

In tow is a 1935 trailer manufactured by the Hayes company of Vancouver. The 1935 Hayes is a typical flatdeck semi-trailer of the 1930’s and 1940’s.

During the World War II years, the team hauled stern tubes and gun mounts destined for cargo ships being built in North Vancouver shipyards. After the war, the tractor and trailer returned to hauling general freight until 1948, when the International was put into storage at King’s Pender Street warehouse in Vancouver.

1930 Model A-4 specs

The 170 inch wheelbase with fully enclosed cab. 32×6 tires on front and 32 x 6 dual on rear.

Other wheelbases include 145″ 156″ and 185″

Engine: International Harvester, valve in head type, 6 cylinder. 3.5″borex 4.5″ stroke.
279 cu. in. displacement, 65 brake horsepower at 2800 r.p.m. 165 pound feet of torque.

7 bearing block.

Carburetor 1 1/8 ” vertical type, fitted with a wire wool, oil saturated air cleaner.

Fuel tank: 21 gallon under drivers’ seat.

Transmission: 5 speed plus reverse

Front Axle: Drop centre I-beam.

Rear-end ratios available: 6.5 to 1, 6.143 to 1, 5.625 to 1

Brakes: 4 wheel drum.

Standard equipment: Chrome plated radiator shell. Under slung tire carrier plus rim, licence brackets, horn, dash lights, oil filter air cleaner, jack and tool kit, speedometer, heat gauge, ammeter, oil pressure gauge.

Optional Equipment: Fully enclosed cab with windshield, rear view mirror, wiper and seat.


During 1930 all IH Trucks became A-series or W-series with engines ranging from the Waukesha 4-cylinder engine on the AW-1 and AW-2,the Lycoming 6-cylinder, for the larger A-4, A-5, and (later) A-6. A new International FBB 279 ci overhead-valve 6-cylinder engine was used on a new mid range AL-3, while the heavier W-1, W-2, and W-3 were powered by Hall-Scott 4-cylinder engines.

By 1932 the extra heavy duty A-7 and A-8  with a 7½-ton, 36000 lb GVW used 6-cylinder gasoline engines with up to 648 cu.in. and 136 hp. Diesel power was available starting in 1938 and also Tandem-axle versions were added to the lineup.



Advertising of the era for International often showed companies that were successfully using International trucks. Some of the slogans are as follows:


“Ice Delivery in Sunny California”Sidebar: 76 Internationals in the Union Ice Company fleet.

The body of the ad claims: “Up the steep hills of San Francisco with heavy loads of Ice! Hammering over the rough cobbled streets that try the fibre of men and trucks!”





“222 Internationals and 22 years of service to the Union Ice Company”




Ad in “Railway Age” magazine
“A Veteran Driver Speaks his mind”

A letter to the Chicago Tribune, reproduced below, prompts this advertisement. Straight forward, earnest and dramatic, the letter comes like a warning voice out of everyday traffic.

Midway through the graphic in claims “Happy is the Driver who drives an International”




When you “Let the laundry do it” International trucks will be glad to serve you!

This ad from 1931 also has the following info in a sidebar:

New low prices. See the new model A-2 a 1 1/2 ton 4 speed International. The price of the 136 inch wheelbase chassis with standard equipment is $675 f.o.b. factory

Ask the nearest branch or dealer for a demonstration on your own job, of this or any of the otherInternational ranging from 3/4 ton to 5 ton.




An 1933 ad called “Covering a Continent” is all about the American News Company that supplies 75,000 news stands and retailers throughout the US and Canada, with over 70% of these deliveries done by truck. The American News Company bought ther first International in in 1929 and now has 114 Internationals operating from it’s various branches.




International Harvestor offers beauty and distinction in a new truck of high quality at low price. $360




“Appearance for Prestige

 Performance for Profit.”

It goes on:

“Good Looks in a truck are virtually necessary these days. Wether you business is one of national importance…or important chiefly to you…your truck or trucks should add definitely to your prestige”




“If a job calls for a truck…it calls for an International Truck!!!



Complete Specifications Manufacturer sales information sheets:

The  170-inch  wheelbase  Model A-4 1/2 with fully-enclosed cab.

Rated Capacity:    2 tons.

Maximum Carrying Capacity:(cab, body, equipment and payload) 8500 Pounds

Chassis Dimensions: (in inches) Chassis Weights: (in pounds)

Wheelbase        115        156        170      185

Overall length    213        230       248        267

Turning radius    24f        26-f       28f       30f

Chassis weight  5912      5960      6021      6086
(including  oil,   fuel and water)


Frame:    Pressed  steel channel  with deep center section.    Thickness, I in.    Width, 34 in.    Width of flange, 3 3/4 in.

Depth at No. Cross Wheelbase        Center Members

  145 in. 156 in.  4

  170 in. 185 in. 6


Engine: International Harvester, 279 cu.-in. valve-in-head type, 6-cylinder.

rating 31.54 h. p., brake h. p. 67 at 2600 r. p. m. (governed speed

2800 r. p. m.). Maximum torque, 176 pound-feet at 700 to 900 r. p. in.

Cylinder block cast in one piece, removable cylinders, 2-piece head, machined combustion chambers, 7-bearing crankshaft, drop-forged of chrome-nickel steel, heat-treated, statically and dynamically balanced.


Transmission: 5 speeds forward, 1 reverse, sliding gear selective type (operated by 1 control lever), mounted in unit with engine.

Front Axle: Drop-center, I-beam, steel drop-forging, heat-treated, reverse Elliott type.

Tapered roller bearings in wheels.

Final Drive: Semi-floating, spiral-bevel gear type. Chrome-molybdenum steel drive shafts. Malleable iron, banjo-type housing.

Differential bearings are tapered rollers. Pinion straddle-mounted on ball bearings.

Axle Reductions Available:    6.5 to 1, 6.113 to 1, or 5.625 to 1.

Brakes: Service: l-wheel, mechanical, self-energizing, internal-expanding shoe type. Fully enclosed. Emergency: rear wheels,

internal-expanding type.


Pressure gun lubrication throughout, on chassis.

Ignition: High-tension battery type, semi-automatic distributor mounted on generator, High-tension magneto ignition supplied at additional cost.

Generator:    6-volt, gear-driven.

Carburetor: Vertical type, fitted with an oil-type air cleaner.

Fuel System:    Vacuum feed; 21-gal. gasoline tank under seat.

Governor: Velocity type, mounted between carburetor and manifold.

Clutch:    11-in. single plate with built-in vibration damper.

Springs: All leaves of alloy steel. Front and rear semi-elliptic.

Front, 3×42 in.; rear, 3 x 54 in.; quarter-elliptic auxiliary rear springs, 21/2 x 20 in.

Wheels:    Cast, spoke type, duals on rear.

Tires: Standard, 8.25-20 front, 8.25-20 dual rear, truck type pneumatic.

Control: Left-hand drive, spark and throttle controls on top of

the steering wheel. Foot accelerator, clutch and service brakes operated by pedals. Gear shift and emergency brake levers in center of driving compartment.


Standard Equipment: Cowl and dash; front fenders; short running boards; front bumper; chromium-plated radiator shell; underslung

tire carrier (170 and 185-in. w. b. only); spare rim; license brackets; starter; battery; horn; electric head, tail and dash lights; oil filter;

oil air cleaner; jack and tool kit. Speedometer, heat indicator, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, choke, and manifold heat control mounted in instrument panel on dash.

Special Equipment: The following can be furnished at additional cost: Fully-enclosed cab with one-piece windshield, rear vision mirror, adjustable lazyback, and windshield wiper; front seat section; windshield; high-tension magneto ignition; power take-offs; winches; shock absorbers; booster brakes; auxiliary gasoline tank; bodies and equipment for every need. 31 x 7 front and 34 x 7 dual rear pneumatic, 7.50-20 balloon front, and 7.50-20 dual rear balloon.


Finish: Frame and wheels, red. Fenders, running boards and aprons, black baked enamel. Hood and cowl “gray-green deep”

lacquer.    Radiator shell, chromium-plated.

International Harvester Company Of America

606 So. Michigan Ave. Chicago,