1929 Chevrolet Series AC "International1/2 ton Pick Up:

• The Chevrolet AC series of trucks was introduced in 1929 and replaced the AB Series.

• The AC had a new overhead valve 6 cylinder engine, the first since 1915 for Chevrolet.

• Heavily advertised as “A Six in the price range of the Four” costing only $10 more than their 4 cylinder.

• The new 6 cylinder got it’s nickname “Stovebolt 6” from the external slotted-head fasteners similar to those on wood burning stoves.

• 1929 was the first year an enclosed cab was offered by the factory.

• 847,053 Series AC trucks were built in many areas of the world.

• With the “Stovebolt 6” having 120ft.lbs. of torque, Chevrolet dropped the one ton model in favour of a 1.5 ton truck.

• With many improvements the “Stovebolt 6” was still in production up until the 1980’s

• There were 10 body styles available for the Series AC Chevrolet trucks.

• The gas gauge was located on the gas tanks, not moved to dashboard until the 1930 Series AD

• The trucks had 4 wheel hydraulic brakes

• Steel disc wheels replaced the still common wooden spoke wheels.

• Canadian models built by General Motors of Canada were slightly different.

 -Canadian models have smaller windows.

 -Canadian models doors have nickel trim attached

 -The Canadian trucks used the roof from the 1928 design with a diferent mounting for the roof visor.

• The Series AC Chevrolet trucks were built in the US, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Argentina, and Belgium.

Introduced new in 1929 the Series AC International replaced the AB series of 1928 and was the first Chevrolet with a 6 cylinder since 1915. Advertised as “A Six in the price range of the Four” it was only $10 more than the outgoing AB 4 cylinder. It also had an overhead valve head and eventually was referred to as the “Stovebolt 6”

A total of 847,053 Series AC were built and this “GM A Platform” was assembled in many location throughout the world. 1929 was the first year for a complete enclosed cab being offered from the factory.

It had a 107 im wheelbase and curb weight ranging from 987–1,173 kg (2,175–2,585 lb) The new 194 cu in (3,180 cc) six-cylinder engine, producing 46 hp (34 kW) @ 2400 rpm. was backed by a 3 speed manual transmission. But truck aficionados know it is torque that is required and the new Stovebolt 6 had plenty. The new design produced 120 lb-ft of torque starting at 800 rpm: With this increase in torque Chevrolet was able to drop the one ton model in favour of a 1.5 ton and all pickup boxes were built by outside suppliers.

Advertising of the day promoted the new engine as “a six for the price of four”

Original Price:

$650 cab and chassis

$545 chassis only