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The Collection Today


Ever Evolving and participating in many parades and festivals, watch for the trucks of the BC Transportation at various events around the lower Mainland and at the Newly finished Collection Building in Cloverdale, Surrey BC

Not all trucks in the collection are on display at anyone time due to space restrictions.

The newest Truck:
1957 Diamond T Model 921BN


1914 FWD Model B:


It is generally believed that the museum's 1914 FWD is a WW1 unit. When the war ended there was a glut of vehicles and many were re purposed for for construction and utility work.






1928 Graham Model D  Williams
Flat Deck

1929 Federal


1932 International & 1935 Hayes Trailer:

International's "A"

series was considered ultra-modern for its time.  Canadian-built "A" models were manufactured in Hamilton, Ontario.







1935 Chevrolet 1-1/2


1935 Diamond-T



1936 Indiana:

Like so many trucks that have travelled endless miles over endless highway, this 1936 Model 87 INDIANA carries many memories in its cab.








1937 Mack:

Bob King purchased this 1937 MACK EQ from Shell Oil of Vancouver in the late forties.  King used the tractor for only a short time before it was put into storage.




1947 Fargo & 1947 Columbia Trailer:

"FARGO" was the trade name given to DODGE Trucks sold in Canada and other foreign markets.  Purchased new by Bob King for Sea-Van Motor Freight in 1946, this FARGO hauled freight between Vancouver and Seattle until 1953 when it was put into storage at the West Pender warehouse.


1946 Maple Leaf









1935 Hayes

1946 Columbia

1949 Langford




1929 Chevrolet 1/2 ton Pick Up:

Chevrolet set a new standard with the Introduction of a new 5 cylinder overhead valve engine in 1929. The engine increased the carrying capacity, power and torque.






1929 White Shell Tanker :





1935 Dodge Airflow:

The first DODGE K52 AIRFLOW was produced in December 1934, ushering in a brief 'streamline' era in truck production.  Between 1934 and 1940 249 AIRFLOW trucks were built - 29 of which were made for Standard Oil Company, based in New Jersey and California.


1935 Maple Leaf



 1937 International D40:

The Bryce System operation purchased the INTERNATIONAL D-40 in 1937 to haul on its Seattle-to-Vancouver run. Bob King acquired the tractor when he purchased the Bryce System's Sea-Van Motor Freight in 1946.


1941 International:

This 1941 INTERNATIONAL KS5 Cab-Over-Engine (COE) was put into service in October 1942 and operated as a cargo vehicle in Military District 11 (British Columbia).






1943 Maple Leaf_Plain Jane

1946 Chevrolet Maple Leaf:

Purchased new from Vancouver's Collier Motors over forty years ago, this 1946 CHEVROLET MAPLE LEAF is still virtually brand  new with only 77 miles on the odometer!





1947 Diamond T Service Truck


1949 Chevrolet, 2 Ton



1951 Chevrolet 3100 Pick up


1955 GMC



1977 Dodge Van BC Tel


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