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Spring 2013


After many meetings the Collection of trucks in Cloverdalefinally has an official name. It is now called the BC Vintage Truck Museum.

Many changes have happened to the building in Cloverdale at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds beside Shannon Hall. The collection can be accessed off of 60th avenue just east of 176th. Soon to be open to the public, the museum is still a work in progress and sometimes is opne for drop in visits. Check back to this website for updates on the hours of opening and the grand opening coming soon.


Fall 2012



A part of Teamster history moves on . . . The Teamsters Freight Transportation Museum and Archives Society recently donated its entire fleet and archives to the City of Surrey. The collection will now be housed on the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. President Hennessy wishes to thank Museum President and Curator, Norm Lynch for his many years of dedicated hard work in preserving and restoring this

important part of Teamster history. Norm could not have done this alone, and we would be

remiss in not mentioning some of the other Teamster retirees who gave many volunteer hours of assistance in restoring these beautiful vehicles: Doug Mattock, Bob Nairn, Paddy O’Brien, Red Hales, Tom Cuthbertson, Quirin Walz, Dick Parton, Roy Walker, Rick Purdom, Lyle Kent, George Sargeant and Mac Robinson. Restoring these old trucks was a passion for these retired members. Some of these trucks were used in Hollywood movies and were part of parades in the Lower Mainland. Pictured above is a 1920s era Federal owned by Johnston Terminals, a former Teamster company that used to employ 1400


Fri 01/06/2012 9:24 AM
 From an e-mail from Paul Orazietti Director- Surrey Heritage Society


The Surrey Heritage Society has just officially signed a lease with the City of Surrey to occupy the old museum on the Cloverdale fairgrounds. The LARK group will start  immediately on retrofitting the building for the occupancy of the Teamsters Truck collection. An agreement has been made with the Teamsters to take care of the collection and the move has started! A general society meeting will be held shortly in the new BC Heritage Transportation Centre (new name for collection and the exhibit area) to discuss future plans.


The City of Surrey has given permission last Monday night (April 2nd) to the Surrey Heritage Society to use the old Surrey Museum for the site of the new BC Heritage Transportation Centre. We will be working on an agreement with the Teamsters shortly so that we can announce the collection is moving here. On that note, I would like to take you up on your offer to help with some marketing projects for the Truck Collection ie website, t shirt design, rack card. In addition, I would like to ask if we can in the future forward an email inviting people to get involved in volunteering or offering some support to get this facility up and running and to be open to the general public by the May long weekend & the annual Cloverdale Rodeo.


Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.



Paul Orazietti

Surrey Heritage Society -Director

Teamsters Freight Transportation Museum, Port Coquitlam

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The Teamsters Museum was started with a collection of trucks from the BC Transportation Museum in Cloverdale that had originally started with the Bob King Collection. Looked after by Norm Lynch, a member of the Teamsters Union Joint Council 36. The collection with a small group of trucks which had been displayed in the 1986 World Expo hosted by Vancouver (the theme was transportation and communication). Most of the trucks were once owned by trucking magnate Bob King (1920s - 1950s) who amassed a large collection of trucks which he housed in an old warehouse in Vancouver and were donated to the government in 1974 after his death.




This 1936 Indiana '87' was driven by trucking enthusiast Andy Craig across the newly-completed Coquihalla Highway in 1986. The 1936 Indiana '87'  is identical to the one driven by Andy Craig (d. 1987) who used to ship goods between Vancouver and Penticton. This particular truck was also the first to be driven across the newly-completed Coquihalla Highway in 1986 leading the parade of trucks.




1914 Four Wheel Drive Stakedeck.

This 1914 Four Wheel Drive Truck was used in World War I and to by BC Electric at their Coal Tar Power Plant in Vancouver. This 1914 FWD (Four Wheel Drive) Truck is the oldest truck in the Teamsters Freight Transportation Museum collection. It comes with quite the history as it was rebuilt in England after WWI After the War it was shipped to Vancouver where was was used to haul coal tar and plow snow from streetcar tracks.





1914 FWD and 1932 A4 Tractor,




 1935 Dodge K52 Airflow



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