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The first DODGE K52 AIRFLOW was produced in December 1934, ushering in a brief 'steamline' era in truck production.  Between 1934 and 1940 249 AIRFLOW trucks were built - 29 of which were made for Standard Oil Company, based in New Jersey and California.

Standard Oil established British Columbia operations in 1935 after purchasing the Dominion Oil Company.  In that same year, a K52 AIRFLOW was driven from California to Begg Bros. Motors, a Vancouver Dodge/DeSoto dealer, and purchased by Standard Oil representatives on August 14, 1935.

The 6 cylinder, 100 horsepower K52, with 1275 gallon fuel capacity, remained on the job six days a week delivering gasoline to local Chevron stations from 1935-1947.

In 1947, the aging AIRFLOW was replaced by a more efficient delivery truck.  The AIRFLOW's tank was removed and disposed of.  A similar tank has never been found.  Bob King purchased the AIRFLOW from Standard Oil in 1947 and put it into storage.

Provincial Museum staff carried out a partial rebuild between 1975-1977 and the BC Vintage Truck Museum hopes to return the AIRFLOW  to its proper configuration in the near future.

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