BC Vintage Truck Museum, Cloverdale, Surrey BC Canada

Model S International Truck


• International Harvester built trucks from 1914 to 1986 and in 1987 it became Navistar International Corp.


• Alongside trucks and agricultural equipment, IH produced Cars, construction equipment, diesel industrial engines, gas turbines and even household appliances.


• The IHC AutoBuggy of 1907 was IH's first vehicle. Powered by a 2 cylinder air cooled gas engine mounted under the floor it was very similar to a horse drawn wagon without the horse.


• The IHC Auto Wagon came along in 1909 as a "light Truck" with both air or water cooled engines.


• The brand name became International in 1914 and a more conventional 4 cylinder Model F was introduced in 1915.


• soon came the Model G, Model H and Model L with a 4 ton capacity.


• 1921 changed names from letters to numbers.


• Sloped noses with the radiators mounted behind the engine for protection looked like the Renault of the era.


• Contrary to the new names, the Model S,  ¾-ton  truck with radiator in grille was introduced in 1921 and could drive at speeds of 25 to 30 mph.Astounding for the era!


• The old style trucks continued until the release of the Models 33, 43, 63 and 103 up to five tons in 1924


• 1927 introduced the Six-Speed Special version of the Model S with a smaller engine but the first dual range rear axle, Higher speeds more low end power and less gas consumption.



Maximum Capacity: 1,500 pounds.

Wheel Base:124 inches.